Welcome to Authentic Pilates classes in Jyväskylä!

Are you looking for efficient and good work out method for you spine and muscles? It doesn’t matter if you haven’t done Pilates before. My Studio has Pilates basics and all the way matt I-matt III classes. We also have popular equipment classes available. We offer reformer, small barrel, tower, toe corrector and magic cirle training.  Equipments are designed as Joseph Pilates invented. We do training in small groups or solo/duo sessions. You are most welcome to practise with us!

Let’s move move and get your juices flowing! Build up your energy levels like never before!
Strengthen and lengthen your body with the famous and authentic classical Pilates method.

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phone: +358405183629

Let’s work together with the original Pilates method.

“It’s good for the body!” – Joe Pilates