Welcome to Authentic Pilates classes in Jyväskylä!

Are you looking for efficient and good work out method for you spine and muscles? It doesn’t matter if you haven’t done Pilates before. Studio has Pilates basics and all the way matt I-matt III classes. We also have popular equipment classes available. We have reformer, cadillac, wunda chair, small barrels, towers, spine corrector, swedish bar, push up device, toe- and foot corrector, pedipole, neck stretcher, and magic cirles. Equipments are designed as Joseph Pilates invented. We do training in small groups or solo/duo sessions. You are most welcome to practise with us!

Let’s move move and get your juices flowing! Build up your energy levels like never before!

Strengthen and lengthen your body with the famous and authentic classical Pilates method.

Your instructor-Kerttu Huttunen /Founder of Pilates Studio Classic

Graduated as a Sports instructor, Sports massage therapist, Life Coach and Pilates & face yoga instructor.
Focus on her teaching is in the Classical Pilates Method created by Joseph Pilates.

Kerttu started instructing children to move when she was seventeen. She has been moving all kinds of bodies for twenty years and has over 10 years of experience in the field of Pilates.
Her passion is to teach you how to use your body in a sustainable way and build contrology through movement.
She is specialized in back problems.

Kerttu gives you the map to your body and helps you find your route.

Rewire your connections and find your true potential with her.

She speaks Finnish and English.

Contact me for further information:

+358 40 518 3629

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”Let’s work together with the original Pilates method.
”It’s good for the body!” – Joe Pilates

Week Schedule example

B = Beginners | I = Intermediate | A = Advanced


16.30-17.45 Pilates Easy B
18.00-19.00 Equipment class B


16.30-17.30 Equipment class I 
17.45-18.45 Matt class 2 A

19.00-20.00 Equipment  class  B


15.15-16.15 Equipment class I

16.30-17.30 Matt 1 B
17.45-18.45 Equipment class I
19.00-20.15 Pilates Easy B


15.15-16.15 Equipment class B
16.30-17.45 Pilates Easy B


Pricing for a calender month (for 6 month membership)

Matt class/ Pilates Easy/ 5 times
Equipment classes+ combos /5 times +1 private 50min.
Work out as much as you want + 2 privates
New Clients first class a private+ 1 group class
Private after basics 50min.
Duo for two people 50min.
Equipment classes 4 times/month for 6 months
Face Yoga package without studio membership
Pilates Studio Classic